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Navy Gateway Project Oak Harbor, Washington


A-6E BUNO 152907 has been mounted at the site of the old "Sound of Freedom" corner at NAS Whidbey Island Washington, providing a dramatic welcome to the Air Station and Oak Harbor

(© 2007 K.C. Pohtilla)

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Thanks to the support of local businesses, industry, and our membership, the Navy Gateway project in Oak Harbor, Washington, is complete. The A-6E Intruder BUNO 152907 has been restored to its former glory, repainted in a lower maintenance Desert Storm era scheme, and has been joined by an EA-6B Prowler at the corner of State Highway 20 and Ault Field Road (on the site of the old "Sound of Freedom" sign).

© 2007 KC Pohtilla
The completed Navy Gateway Display
Dedication ceremony Sep 20 2007

© 2007 KC Pohtilla
(L-R Base CO, Mayor, Wing Commander)

Located at the north entrance to both Oak Harbor and NAS Whidbey Island, the Navy Gateway display provides the Intruder Association and fans of Naval Aviation an opportunity to "Showcase a Legend" where it can be seen by the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Whidbey Island each year. Dedicated by Captain Gerral David (Commanding Officer, NAS Whidbey), Captain Tom Tack (Commander, Tactical Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet) and Mayor Patty Cohen, Oak Harbor, on September 20th, 2007, this site provides a fitting tribute to the pilots, bombardiers and maintainers who flew, worked on, and made the ultimate sacrifice in the venerable Intruder.

2007 US Navy Photo

2007 US Navy Photo

The Intruder has been loaded with Precision Guided Munitions, including two GBU-12 500 pound Laser Guided Bombs (LGB), one AGM-65 Maverick missile, and one High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM).

©2007 US Navy photo

© 2007 by KC Pohtilla

The second phase of the project added an EA-6B Prowler to complete this tribute to NAS Whidbey veterans of Naval Aviation. The Prowler, BUNO 158036, is painted in VAQ-129 colors, and mounted with an AGM-88 HARM, two ALQ-99 jamming pods, and a drop tank.

The resultant display gives visitors to the NAS Whidbey Island a dramatic welcome - but it will need your help to keep looking spectacular!

YOU can help sustain the project in years to come with your fully tax-deductible donation!
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  2. Annotate the memo with "Gateway Park Fund"
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      The Intruder Association
      3504 Beaver Ford Road
      Woodbridge VA 22192

For more information contact:
Sam "Sammy" Bovington
(360) 257-3728
[email protected]
Capt Dave Williams, USN (ret)
(360) 929-1210
[email protected]

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You can join with the many businesses and organizations that have already contributed time, materials or funds to the project, including:

Association of Naval Aviation Squadron Forty
The Men and Women of Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment, Whidbey Island
Blue Mountain Electric
Boy Scout Troop 144
Cane Engineering
CDR & Mrs. Nick Carter, USN (ret)
Ray Compton
The Men and Women of Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit, Whidbey Island
Chugach Industries, Inc
Commander, Tactical Electronic Warfare Wing, US Pacific Fleet
Del-Jen Inc
Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc
Fakkema and Kingma
Island County
Sue Karahalios (in memory of her late father, Captain Ray Compton, USN)
Krieg Concrete Products
Krieg Construction
L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace Contract Services
NAS Whidbey Island
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
The Oak Harbor Police Department
The Oak Harbor Fire Department
P&L Construction
PCS Structural Solutions
CAPT Christine Picci (in honor of her late husband, CDR Roger Lerseth, USN)
John Peiguss
The Pratt - Whitney Corporation
Washington Iron Works
The Men and Women of VAQ-129
The Men and Women of VAQ-131 Jim Offutt
The City of Oak Harbor

Thank you for your support!

The Restoration and Mounting Teams:

Mayor Patty Cohen, City of Oak Harbor
Capt Thomas Tack, CVWP
Capt Syd Abernethy, CO NAS Whidbey
Capt Gerral David, CO NAS Whidbey
AMCS Ward Toner, VAQ-129
AECS Craig Olson, VQ-1
CDR Matt Miller, NAS Whidbey
CDR Paul Spillsbury, NAS Whidbey
Mike Johanssen, NAS Whidbey
LCDR Steve Rico, NAS Whidbey
LCDR Thomas Gibbons, NAS Whidbey
LCDR Steven Nickerson, NAS Whidbey
AFCM Tim "Buzz" Bussard, CVWP
AMCS Jon Martin, CVWP
AMC Johnathan Heath, CVWP
Brian Hoagland, CVWP
AN Blake Gilley, VAQ-129
AN Daniel Stulka, VAQ-129
AD3 Jason Campbell, VAQ-129
AM2 Karl Walters, VAQ-129
AM3 Lestor Bursley, VAQ-129
AMAN Trevor Bates, VAQ-129
AMEAN Richard Mueller, VAQ-129
AO2 Samuel Bailey, VAQ-129
AM2 Kenneth Poyneer, VAQ-129
LCDR Denny Tremblay, VAQ-129
AZ2 Jeannie Eaves, VAQ-129
ADC John Dzubay, VAQ-129
AM1 Tim Staul, VAQ-129
ADC Bill Zabelka, VAQ-129
SSGT Shaun Tate, VAQ-129
SGT Andre Quiroz, VAQ-129
AM3 Shane Lee, VAQ-129
SGT Nicholas Bosquet, VAQ-129
GYSGT Tim Colantoni, VAQ-129
AM1 Michael Gorman, VAQ-129
AZ2 Jeannie Eaves, VAQ-129
AM1 Tom Poppel, VAQ-129
AO3 Al Sealy, VAQ-129
Greg Cane, Cane Engineering
Ken Bender, Cane Engineering
Bob Boyer, P&L Construction
AMCS Todd Robinson, VAQ-131
AM1 Thomas Bond, VAQ-131
AM1 Theodore Kowalski, VAQ-131
AM3 Charles Altman, VAQ-131
Larry Hunt, Chugach
Keith Johnson, Chugach
Mike McGill, Chugach
Kerry Porter, Chugach
Billie South, Chugach
Wayne Trumbull, Chugach
Lloyd Weatherford, Chugach
John Zylstra, Chugach
Noreen Baldwin, Del-Jen
Gary Brundidge, Del-Jen
John Cook, Del-Jen
Pat Dallen, Del-Jen
Wayne Hiner, Del-Jen
Andy Newman, Del-Jen
Denis Purin, Del-Jen
Everet Seely, Del-Jen
Bard Trumbull, Del-Jen
AD3 Aaron Geiger, VAQ-131
AM3 Dwayne Best, VAQ-131
EO1 Sean Riggins, EODMU Eleven
AMC Lloyd Billups, CNATTU
AD1 Belinda Pinnell, CNATTU
AM1 Mitchell Connell, CNATTU
AM1 Mike Blankenship, CNATTU
AM2 Kevin Peterson, CNATTU
Capt Robert D. Schlesinger, NAVFAC Northwest
LT Ryan Bylsma, NAVFAC Northwest
Bruce Macon, NAVFAC Northwest
Robert G. "Tugg" Thomson, First Command
Ron Martin, EFA Northwest
Mike Nagel, Washington Ironworks
David King, Washington Ironworks
Steven Nagle, Washington Ironworks
Don Krieg, Krieg Construction
Chuck Krieg, Krieg Concrete
Don Howat, Blue Mountain Electric
Rick LaMont, L-3 Vertex
Rick Oehmcke, PCS Structural Solutions
The Oak Harbor Police Department
The Oak Harbor Fire Department
P&L Construction
PCS Structural Solutions
CAPT Christine Picci (in honor of her late husband, CDR Roger Lerseth, USN)
John Peiguss
The Pratt - Whitney Corporation
Washington Iron Works
The Men and Women of VAQ-129
The Men and Women of VAQ-131 Jim Offutt
The City of Oak Harbor
Stephen Rothboeck, NAVFAC Northwest
Gerald Bernhardt, NAVFAC Northwest
Barry Christensen, NAVFAC Northwest
AMCS JJ Holland, FRC Northwest
AM1 Mike Fraash, FRC Northwest
AM1 Louis Garcia, FRC Northwest
AE2 Erik Murphy, FRC Northwest
LCDR Keith Celebrezze, RLSO Northwest
CDR Robert Boserman, Strategic Communications Wing One
Joe Ignatowicz, NATEC Northwest
Ross Wilhelm, CNAF
Hank Nydam, Oak Harbor Parks and Recreation Department
Captain Rick Wallace, Oak Police Department
Ron Hancock, Oak Harbor Fire Department
Dean Fetterman, USS Midway Museum
John McMahon, Northrop Grumman
Joe Farina, Northrop Grumman
Capt Tom Ford, USN (ret), EWA
Keith Holden, EWA
John Ball, Chugach
Rich Bennett, Chugach
Jerry Braulik, Chugach
Joe Cerrullo, Chugach
Larry Cook, Chugach
Joe Grogan, Chugach
Bob Turk, Del-Jen
Ed Witt, Del-Jen
Rich Frazier, Fakkema and Kingma